Daniel Steinegger has long been known for his intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. His design philosophy often contains selected natural products, which are often not commercially available. He surges them around the world and imports them directly for his projects. 1992 - 1996 he toured Europe, Asia, North - and South America for several years, always on the lookout for new materials and ideas.

His work philosophy is about architecture is the spatial expression of quality of life.

The shape and structure of the spaces affect personal well being of people, as well as the relationship between them.

The yearning for new challenging experience in areas of architecture and interior design, takes us through the ever-increasing industrial design, which is very quickly reaching the limits of feasibility. Especially in southern countries, where the design and manufacturing quality can gape wide. Therefore, most projects will be offered with a project management. With the opening of its office in Port Andraitx on Mallorca in 2000, he was able to close the gap between dream and reality for many clients.

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